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when i began this blog i was feeling out of balance.  the experience at eden was too wonderful and too much all at the same time.  like coming to a rich banquette after living and accpeting bread and water.

during the time at eden was a walk.  a walk intended to do something to the participant.  whatever it did for me wasn;t really begun to be understood till last tuesday.


on this day i spoke on the phone with the gentleman who lead us around the walk.  we spoke intensly and calmly for 30 minutes.  in this time we examined …. i examined ….. with his help …… the experience of the walk.


profund things were said.


a wholeness


a balance



was talked about.



it’s come at a really good time for me.



the big lunch extras team are talking to us about he possibility of staging part of a regional event in belper.  i’ll say only this at this time as negotiations and arrangements are early doors still.  if it does happen it will be connected to the legacy of our go and see bursary from a n.