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a week ago i was in cornwall.


this morning i’ve a woke to more distressful processing of the experience and then i ate.

i don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get through to the positives. the sustainable positives.


while i ate my crumpet this morning i mused over me and my position. i work full time and receive no financial return. last weekend i didn’t meet anyone who did the same. however this conversation didn;t happen.

from snippets learnt the weekend was for those with full time occupations and voluntary interests intended to help make better their community.  i wonder if i so how have askewed view of community.

i’m still processing that a part of the town where i grew up has got so left behind that there has been a 10 year award of money to try to stabalise the location.

my partner is becoming quite frustrated with me, understanibly so.

currently i’m working to develop a project for the transition group in the town where i now live.  i was hoping that my experience of last weekend might help to influence the project.

in amougst all the anxiety, i do believe that last weekend will be positive as i beleive that all experiences can in some small way have a positive impact, if the lessons leanrt are applied in a thoughtful and positive manner.



o m g


am i spouting generic nonsense ?????????????????????


what t f am i doing ????????????????????



wallow wallow wallow ……….





sugars get a grip.



stop wailing man.





look up.



so what you work with no reward. you can do this because you can do this. stop moaning and trying to be some special case.  so you’re worried that sometime in the “future” the situation you’re in will be different. so what. get you head out of yourself and enegage in the present.