Having been part of the collective 2|1|4|1 since about June last year, I have had plenty of opportunity to get involved with shows and events. This time, the project was our annual members’ show. Since being back studying full time, I have thought of the collective a little differently. Being inside an institution is really great and there are lots of opportunities and connections to be part of. But equally so, having something outside it seems really important.

Sometimes doing something on your own seems difficult or even impossible but with others, there is definitely strength in numbers. A shared sense of responsibility and with that, shared dividends – we all get to participate and create a thing which I actually feel becomes part of my practice. I have come to enjoy and value working with others on projects such as shows and events and the general creation of an organisation or group such as this, rather more than for example: sharing a studio.

As we focus on what we want to achieve in our group, this shared sense of potential gives confidence and a feeling that much can be achieved, which in turn can reflect on my own practice.



Pursuing the idea I had about making the numbers into objects; I had thought of them as just numbers – they can mean anything. As I made them with a pound sign they are monetary but the actual amount is arbitrary.

Physically its satisfying to make something (3 dimensional, purposeful) . I’ve always found that. It is also good to make something that is as big or as tall as me – it is a little uncomfortable and a little intrusive. And I see by making it something quite simple appears to have a strong message.

Next, I want to take them all sorts of places.