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Outlandia is an artist studio in Glen Nevis forest built like a treehouse ( I used my time in the trees to contemplate what the universe looked like or didn’t before the big bang. An audio description of what astrophysicist Adam Frank thinks was my departure for this concept in the beginning. After the two days I realised this will be a very long project!


“What is our absolute up to date current thinking of how the universe began?”

“in the beginning…”

I like the idea of small things (birds ornaments) ‘talking’ about big things (birth of the universe).

Clip from Start the Week Tom Sutcliffe interviews artist Peter Randall-Page. Artist talks about his research in relation to our current thinking of how the universe began. He also goes on to talk about: when people are trying to imagine the unimaginable, what happened before there was anything, they are thrown back onto the most amazing poet, you cant go anywhere else only poetry and its says much more about the human condition, these stories, than literal…ephemeral cosmology …



Peter Randall-Page’s latest sculpture: a naturally eroded glacial boulder carved with stories of creation myths from cuneiform to text speak.

Presenter: Tom Sutcliffe / Interviewed Guest: Peter Randall-Page/ Producer: Katy Hickman /

work in progress…