We were given an envelope containing a piece of paper 10×15 cms. This was sent around the group and worked on. You received a new print every couple of weeks. The project will shortly come to an end with an exhibition at the Gateway Arts Centre in Shrewsbury from 2/6/08-28/6/08 and at the Durber Gallery, NEWI, Wrexham in September 2008.

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The Postcard Project exhibition is back….only until the 10 October now (sorry for the late posting) but it looks lovely at the Durber Gallery at the North Wales School of Art & Design in Regent Street, Wrexham.

The new 08/09 Professional Printmaking team had a look last week and we thought that Sue Forgrave had curated the exhibition beautifully (with Pam as her chief labourer). Perhaps at the next venue we should explain the digital element of the show more clearly…the images do include the finished postcards, the blog and the digital images developed from the individual pieces…



The Exhibition is now up.

The final complex images that began as postcards are on display with a selection of digital images showing details of the process and a record of this blog.


i have just finished working on the last postcard of this project…linda's lovely screenprint of her mother. i've added bits of a floaty image that i've been making as a soft ground etch.

its been such good fun getting these through the post! once again the envelope was nice to work on as well.

i really enjoyed editing all the images we'd scanned and photographed, and they look great framed. mirror plates on tonight and off they go to their first exhibition. pamx