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So, over what seems a very long time I really feel I have finally managed to integrate very respectable amounts of drawing into my everyday life.
This has had an unexpected effect on my normal day to day working life – which can frankly be mundanely soul destroying sometimes. (I will add this caviat where my job is concerned though – I am well looked after and treated with privilege so cannot complain about some of the other more average groans). Anyway I digress, a higher productivity – much higher has lead to me becoming a happier, more contented employee. As I see it everyone wins here. A happy employee equals a more productive one as does a happy artist.

An old boxing adage says a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter – that applies to every walk of life I think and it has certainly made me more aware of what I am doing – being happier that is has sharpened things and lead to far more productive time being spent – and has given me huge ambition – ambition for which I had long ago given over as lost.

With all of that off of my chest. Whilst driving along a London road several days ago listening to music I had what I can only describe as a vision of a drawing that I knew was the way forward, creatively speaking. Perhaps as a result of what I was listening to precipitated further and unexpected thought on an issue that was already in the forefront of my mind – I have no idea? I will say is this: I am in no way, shape or form religious or believe in any kind of spirit or benevolent deity – therefore bolts of inspiration are an unusual thing for me – usually these things come as a byproduct of many hours of work and careful thought – not a product of some kind of stereotypical, romantic artistic intervention from above. But welcome in whatever form anyway!

Some of the things I have been considering over the last few days are the individual elements within my drawings, what they say, how they could be perceived, how I can develop these elements, what they mean to me, what I like, and what I would like to steer away from. For me critical (maybe blinkered) thinking is a very healthy, objective and essential part of any creative endeavour.

As is per usual thank you for anyone who has read this disjointed piece of writing which has allowed my thoughts to ramble into cyberspace. I wish you all well.