So I heard back from Susan Mumford’s people and I have got the date for my initial meeting to speak about my work,  my practice and what I want from our sessions…. at least that’s what I think it’s about.

For my professional practice I have 4 meetings with Susan Mumford and a skype session to start.  Now I hate skype, I hate cameras, I have anything and everything that requires me to see my own reflection or to be aware that others can see me (yes I know people can see me all the time but this is quite an issue for me in and of itself).

I am not crazy, well ok I am but I don’t like that word.  I have a very long history of eating disorders, BDD and general self-loathing.  Imagine how you think you look on your worst, most hating yourself day and that is how I feel almost every hour of the day.  This has been made worse by being in a wheelchair for the last 10 years and having children.

Strange then that I spend so much of my time focusing on the image and taking photo after photo…

Anyway enough of the explanations for my neuroticism and back to the professional development bursary, but bear with me because it is all relevant.

I was asked by Kate, the administrator for Be SMart about Art if I wanted the online option (you can have online (skype) mentoring at a subsidised cost) and I explained that I have some issues which means that is impossible for me and would cause me a massive amount of stress.

A few days later Kate gets back to me and tells me that Susan has suggested we meet in person for the initial meeting as well and for an hour instead of the usual 30 mins (which is the time given for the initial skype that everyone does).  I was overjoyed as I was already dreading 30 mins of skype.

So I have my meeting, the 3rd of August.  This is great as it gives me a chance to see her before my final MA show and to gain some much needed advice.

So I may not say so much on here for a while but I will be back soon




So a couple of days ago I completed step one of my professional development bursary plan and joined “Be Smart About Art”.  I also contacted its founder, Susan Mumford to arrange my one-to-one sessions.

Now some of you may be wondering that as someone who runs an arts organisation why I would ask for a bursary that would involve joining another: what would be the point?

Well the reason is this;  it is vastly different running an arts organisation to receiving constructive feedback about your own work and career.

It is in some ways easier to help and support others artists than it is to focus on your own career as an artist.  In fact (sadly) I find so much of my time taken up by trying to make the arts more accessible and supporting others, that  I sometimes get distracted from creating work.

Indeed I have a group show coming up in just over a month and as I wanted it to feature new work and not some of my back catalogue (for want of a better word) I have found myself in a bit of a problem as all my current work is either 3d, multimedia or participatory and the space can only hold 2d work.  I of course knew this a month ago but owing to running Live Art Local CIC, Sticks Gallery, developing a new course/workshops and everything else; I have yet to create this work and now find myself in a stressful situation.

Luckily I have an idea what I’m going to do but that is probably more for my other blog on here than this one.

So yes, I believe joining varied artist organisations is good and I belong to several.  By doing this I feel you open yourself up to the work of so many more people and get to know their practice and how they work,  and this I believe, can only help advance your own work..  You are not the finished article, all you ever are is a student.

I am very happy to admit I know nothing, I am learning all the time and every month or so I find something new that completely turns on its head all I’ve been taught and what I thought I knew.  This is true in all areas of my life.

So after that waffle ( I did warn you before about my tendency) what’s the next step?  Well the next step is waiting for an email from Susan Mumford to arrange my mentoring sessions.

I only joined on Friday and so I am happy to wait a bit longer.