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So I promised you part 2 and here it is


So when I had my next session with Tamara I was feeling incredibly stressed and by the time it ended I had calmed down and resolved to change my life… and actually I think this post may help some of you do the same.


Now please understand this is not because I am inspiring, but actually because I am going to impart from really useful advice given to me by Tamara.


So after pushing for me to see an IP lawyer, this took up quite a lot of time as she was so concerned, again if you know any get in touch…. but actually Tamara being the lovely lady she is, did not stop the rest of our session short because of this.


So Tamara has been very keen to press upon me the need to listen to my intuition and actually, truly use it, instead of listening to my EGO and fighting against it…. your ego is the thing that is basically telling you all that negative crap you don’t need that is ruining your career.


She suggests that each one of us is more connected to one of the 4 main elements than the others, so if you find inspiration in the outdoors that is earth, if you find fire therapeutic, that is fire.

Anyhow you do something that opens up your mind to start to become attuned, so go for a walk, a swim, a bath, sports…. anything and then ask yourself a question, preferably something that is bothering you and listen to the answer.  This question can be a inane as you like.  If it is a big question, break it down into smaller questions.

The voice you hear, or the feeling you get somewhere in your body is your intuition.  This apparently is rarely felt in your head, if it is then it is most likely your ego pushing in.

Your intuition is NEVER judgemental so if you are being told ANYTHING negative, ignore it, that’s you and your ego trying to make you feel bad.  Your intuition will NEVER tell you you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do something so that’s you too.


I have already started doing this and listening to that voice I get that gives me an answer and instead of ignoring it actually doing it and not putting it off and I am already feeling a bit better and getting more done so try it for yourself, it isn’t just mumbo jumbo and if you give it a chance it may just work for you too!