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A discussion of my Instagram business page and the analytics that instagram has shared with me.

Using the ‘Professional Dashboard’ link on my Instagram page, i can gain an insight into my Instagram ‘Performance’. Through the ‘insights’ tab, i can see a deeper look into my account and how it and my content has been performing.

I will be having a look at my follower breakdown. This can help me see who follows me (and unfollows me!) their location, age, gender and when my followers are most active.

Growth/Follower Breakdown – This tab shows me my follower breakdown. As you can see on this date (April 27, 2021) I have 378 followers, which has a growth rate of 0% vs the previous week. This for me is a positive – no unfollows!

If i change the tab to show the last 30 days, I have a growth rate of -1.6% compared to the last month. This means overall I have gained 10 followers and lost 16. Unfortunately there is not an option to view it over the past year, however I know that overall my follower numbers have grown. We expect to see fluctuations through growth but i am happy with slowly gaining the right kind of followers, who have an interest in my work, rather than having many that are more superficial.

Location – Using this tab I gain see who in what cities and countries i gain the most interaction from. Below is a table of those. As you can see, my main interactions come from users in the UK at 58.4%, followed by the US at 14.7%, with nominal numbers from Brazil, Russia and France. This was really interesting for me, because its exciting to see interactions from people across the globe!

Age Range – This shows me the average age of users who interact with my posts. Below is a table of all the age ranges and their percentages.

Gender – This allows me to see who my content is gaining the most interaction and views from. My page is split nearly by half into women and men. With 54.6% of my viewers women and 45.4% men.

Active Times – This can help me to understand when my followers are most active on Instagram. Although user data can suggest a different time for when most users are online, this section is tailored to my followers and can help me build up a rapport with them and post while they are online. This can help growth through word of mouth and through interaction on posts and stories. My followers seem to be most active at the same time of day, each day. This is between 3pm and 6pm. The day my followers are most active is on a Monday. If i were to post at 6pm on a Monday, this is – according to Instagram analytics – the best time for me to gain the highest interaction from viewers.