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For this blog I want to analyse the artist Sophie Tea’s website – it’s exciting, bright and draws you in. Tea has used her online presence to grow her artwork and discussion with her audience.

See below, her opening page to her website has an eye-catching film of an important artwork which sets off her design/brand. The website is very feminine which is fulfilling her target audience well, straightforward, attractive and easy to explore.


There’s a shop where she showcases her artworks, but instead uses her Instagram as her main gallery – downfall, not everyone has Instagram.


Below, there’s a dropdown menu for blogs which she keeps up to date monthly with good communication to people who may not use Instagram and use of promoting her art. She uses her blogs even more when she’s building up to a drop.


A small print ‘about’ could be more in-depth, so we know her better as an artist, however – I believe it’s clear her paintings are celebrating the female form.