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Relationships with artist/business to audience is the main aspect to growing the interest in your account. Better relationships, better interactions e.g. likes, comments, shares. This will invite new audiences to your account.


“profile searches are a signal Instagram looks at when ranking posts in your feed” (Lua, 2017) – the more you post/interact the more people will search/look for you and your account.


Instagram prioritises those who you favour/favour you – its impacted by feed/interaction/relationship with viewers and Instagram owner. Becomes a competition to other accounts.


Then effects how much your account will be shown/seen to the audience.

  • The more you post = the better.
  • Time of day based on when the audience are active. See below, my account says 6pm is when my followers are most likely to see my posts.

“The predictive ‘best time to post’ feature in Buffer’s analytics is a game-changer,” (Lua, 2017)

  • Tidy feed – attracts viewers, 3 posts a day that flow, creates order to your account see my pet portrait business below – I have started to introduce into my account. More angles/behind the scenes/involves viewers more.