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Now that I have got my instagram page cleaned up and looking professional and how I want it, I have decided to start ‘un-archiving’ the posts that I archived before I started the ‘remodel’. However, I have decided to be very selective, and only ‘un-archive’ the posts that most closely relate to my current work, or which have a particular significance for me.

As the posts you select go back onto your account in exactly the same order as when you initially posted them, I have also had to exclude some posts which I would later like to include, which I will have to actually post anew, in order not to interrupt the order of the posts that I  have chosen to have on my account.

The below screenshots show the posts that I have chosen to ‘un-archive’  (in reverse order):

The very first coloured pencil portraits I did represent my first proper exploration of drawing in this way, and finding something that I am adept at but also really enjoy. It was also the start of my fixation with making my work as realistic as possible – plus a few of the portraits have been acknowledged by the sitters themselves (including the first one of Maddie Holliday, who still has a copy of my drawing on her own instagram profile). The second ‘set’ of posts is largely made up of my Activist drawing series – which I plan to post the videos for very soon.

I think this selection of posts shows my practice and journey to this point well, and provides an effective point from which to share the direction my practice is moving in at the moment.

These posts also all have a fairly consistent ‘style’ to them – usually showing the work in the centre with the plain white colour of the page as the background. This makes a consistent style which I hope to continue with throughout my use of the app, and which is especially easy to achieve when I am drawing digitally using my iPad, as the colours are always perfectly balanced and I can achieve a very clean look to my works and posts, similar to those of @polina.bright or @francescaapage.