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I’ve just uploaded the digital pictures I took of my work in the show and they are really bad! Why can’t I take good pictures anymore? I used to do okay, so what’s happened? Perhaps it’s the camera, perhaps I spent more time looking through the view finder of my old SLR than I do now with a small digital.

I think I’m going to take some old fashioned slides and see if I like those more. I understand how an SLR and film work – I haven’t a clue about digital stuff – does it make a differnece if I understand it or not?

The most interesting picture I’ve got from Sunday was some grafitti on a locked door in the car park. The names in a heart have been scrubbed out, below the heart it says ‘GAY BOIZ’. I noticed it when I was about to drive home to John. I got back out of the car and photographed it. Were the ‘gay boiz’ names erased fom the heart? Did some ‘gay boiz’ erase other names and claim the heart for themselves? Is ‘gay boiz’ a declaration or an insult?