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  • Karin’s exhibition in Konstfönster Joar – curator
  • Revolve Performance Art Days: Uppsala – visitor
  • Wiks College open day – visitor
  • Renovating/redecorating the studio – artist
  • Enköping Art Association committee meeting – member
  • Meeting with council to discuss collaborations – committee member
  • ‘Scrap sculpture’ workshop proposal for Enköping arts festival – artist/workshop leader
  • Invitation to participate in a group show, Glasgow (August) – artist


I am aware that my posts about the Easter Open House are lacking a conclusion, I will return to this.  However I do want to mention something of a coincidence.  When Klas, whom I now share a studio with, and his family came by on Easter Monday we talked a little about our respective times at Wip:sthlm.  It turns out that we had the same studio – we both sublet from Alex before I formally took over the contract.  In fact I moved in to Alex’s studio immediately after Klas moved out – which means that it was his artworks and tools that I saw when I looked around, Klas wasn’t there.  So without knowing it I had already been in the studio (albeit very briefly) of the artist with whom I now have come to know and share a studio with.  Even allowing for the relative scale of the Swedish art scene this is something of a coincidence. It is as though we we were destined to meet one way or another.


ps. working full-time in a non-art related field.