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Art-Shots is a staple of Supermarket art fair. Based in a kind of pecha kucha format galleries/initiatives have ten minutes to present themselves in front of ten images (each lasting one minute). First up yesterday as Detroit Stockholm where 25 artists have their studios as well as running a gallery. They have been Supermarket regulars for a good few years – I remember reading their catalogue text and seeing their booth in the days when the fair was at the Culture House in central Stockholm. It was good to hear how they have developed, and it was particularly interesting to hear that they are open for exhibition proposals from artists outside of their own organisation.

Thinking that it could be a good venue for me I introduced myself and began chatting with Åsa. Our conversation had a very unexpected turn – Åsa knows an artist, called Stina, who has recently moved to Enköping and who is looking for other artists! Stina is already thinking of running a monthly ’Drink and Draw’ evening at the town’s arty/alternative café. It sounds great and I am definitely interested to find out more not only about that idea but also about another artist in Enköping who wants to get things going!

I am really enjoying the depth of exchange that this year’s local art fair allows. It is definitely a case of quality over quantity for me!