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An email from an artist with a studio at wip:sthlm reminded me that I haven’t mentioned the outcome of my PhD application. I didn’t make the short list. I also didn’t get a place on the Professional Artists’ Project Programme. Wrtiting both these things feels bad, not just because I didn’t get the places but because it goes against my intention to focus this blog on positive things. At the same time I don’t want to censor what I write (any more than I have to!).

The process of writing the PhD application was useful in itself. It certainly suggests a positive direction and way forward for me to pursue (albeit outside of an academic context). I have to admit the idea for the other programme was a bit forced and probably didn’t come across very well at all.

In two weeks time I’ll be back in London (I’m risking mentioning another thiing that I’m less than positive about). I hope that I can quickly resolve the outstanding issue with the replacement windows and tidy the place up for a quick sale. It’ll be strange to be back in London and not have a studio there – I’ve had various studios for the 15 years I’ve lived there.

I’m posting a couple of pictures I took when I delivered my work to Charlie’s gallery. When I downloaded them from my camera I found a few pictures I’d taken at the British Museum where I met a friend after leaving the gallery. It both amused and upset me that the British Museum shop had a 3-4-2 promotion. It seemed particularly odd as the promotion was for silk scarves or silk ties at £30 each (and it didn’t appear to be a mix’n’match type deal). Standing there it felt like I was in a branch of Tie-Rack* rather than the British Museum.

*or whatever the equivalent shop is called these days.

Tonight an artist friend from London, who has residence here at Malongen Studio, is holding his first Salon Malongen. He’s invited artists to bring along work, wine and nibbles ….