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It’s very interesting to see Andrew Bryant’s interview with me online. Reading my words online is different from having read them in the word documents that we exchanged over the summer and autumn – due to various commitments the interview took several months. I really enjoyed Andrew’s questions and seeing where the discussion took us. As the reality of my decision to re-locate to Stockholm gets closer it has been good for me to read (re-read) some of my motivations – and seeing them online makes them more concrete, gives my own voice a credence that sometimes wavers.
I really appreciate the feedback I’ve received – thank you!

måg (the online NABROAD magazine) has asked to interview me. Audi (the wonderfully dynamic and ambitious project director) has sent me a series of questions. The questions have given me a really interesting insight in to my ‘professional profile’

It looks as though I’ll be installing Play at the entrance to Supermarket 2011 (the artists’ art-fair held in Stockholm). Roberto proposed the idea to Andreas and it seems to be going ahead. (Roberto – artist/curator with MOCA, London. Andreas – director/organiser of Supermarket.) It’s an amazing opportunity, and I’m nervous about saying too much before I have absolute confirmation …
I went and had a look at the venue during my New Year trip to Sweden. Showing at the entrance will mean that Play will be seen by everyone going to the café as well as the fair visitors. Roberto (who is Swedish but has lived in the UK for 20 years) has talked about how easy it is to create a ‘sensation’ in the Swedish art-scene. I wonder if that will happen with Play, I wonder if I want that! The most recent sensations in the Swedish art world resulted from a publicly staged psychotic episode and the inclusion of a video of graffiti spraying at the Market art-fair. Could an installation of hours worth of gay pornography in city funded Kulturhuset be next? I think (hope) I can say honestly that I would never make an artwork for the purpose of creating a sensation but if something that I make creates one then I could live with that.

This afternoon I “saved” myself over £1000! After only a couple of hours I managed to get my wonderful new wi-fi printer to respond to my elderly but (almost) perfectly useable laptop. During those hours I feared that I might have to buy a new computer in order to use the printer that I bought for £49. Seeing that first printed page pop out was a great moment. My calm persistence and ability to think laterally is far greater than my technical ability, so although my old operating system wouldn’t read the installation cd that came with printer, I found that I could download the driver. Problem solved! And (unaffordable) purchase avoided! Thank you internet!

Along with a couple of pictures of Kulturhuset, I’m adding some pictures I took from the plane to Sweden. I think it is the first time I’ve flown on New Year’s Eve, and watching the sunset I thought about watching the last light of 2010 fading away. As the sky got darker the window glass became more reflective. The last picture I took shows multiple reflections of my hands, the black camera is almost invisible on the triple layers of glazing.

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