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So, here I am declaring my self to be an artist and one who is fed up with art. I am wondering what it means to be an artist . Is it about the work or the endless self promotion of what one is up to and into, to wear the mask of the artist at all times. Ive just been browsing through another fragment of social media looking into the idea of making a video to promote myself as an artist. Every one that i have seen so far in thier presentaions is so bright so positive  so eager and so enthusiastic about thier stuff. Its so  off putting . Is that what art is about , the presentation of it ? What i really want to do is make a video that says “Hey this is me ,this my art , I make my art and I would like you to look at it and support it . I am not interested in you being interested in me, because to be honest maybe I am not that interesting ,I might even be boring to some people but I dont see that as a problem, I am more or less happy with myself and the people that mean the most to me are more or less happy with who i am too. I would like you to  support my work because I believe this stuff  is embedded  with values  and meanings and so if you support my work then  my gratitude is genuine I cant sell it to you any other way .Thank you ”
So thats the kind of thing that i would like to say and maybe i will  , I hpoe that I dont tag along with the current  social convention and offer a more uber uber upbeat presentation.

For what its worth ….I have some work going into an exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre 20Nov The show is titled worth fighting for ? Its in collaboration with the arts org Outside In and is a show case for those artists who have either faced or are currently barriers in the art world. I think that there are a lot of barriers to overcome in “The art world ” blogging ,self promotion is one of them ,many of the barriers are self imposed or rather internal barriers and there are many others that are not of the artists own making. Either way there are as we know plenty of hard working  talented artists who  are producing work of quality ,  who despite having access to  numerous art websites where they can upload their work are simply  not getting thier work shown in public spaces like galleries and art centres for the public to see and that is something that needs to change and change soon.