First to answer some questions in my previous post. I have let the gallery I was being represented by that I no long wish to be represented by they, so what will I do? I’m going to try the do it yourself approach. I’ve heard very good things about email lists. So I plan to create an email list for people to sign up to and will send out regular news letters about what work I am doing as well as when works will be made available for sale.

Next I need to look at getting my work seen more, so i have been researching blogs. Not just blogs about art, but blogs that cover my interests thus I should be able to reach audiences that will be able to relate to my work and might be interested in knowing more, now I just need to network with these blogs. As for physical brick and mortar places to get my work seen, I haven’t yet looked into that, so that will probably be my next job.

As far as other avenues to create income, other than sales of my work, I can look at grants, workshops, and in the future there is the possibility of teaching I suppose. But for now I think I am best focusing on making new work and finding an audience.

hopefully I will be able to share a more structured plan next time…

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