Everything is T R A N S I E N T.

Although the tools here at a-n (and in general on the world wide web) try very hard to make everything permanent, this is not the natural order.

Any impression of permanence is illusionary. The nature of the universe is for everything to return to the universe for reuse.

I have removed (from this blog) everything the a-n system allows me to delete. I could hide the rest by unpublishing it, but this does not release the storage space for reuse.

So here we have a new outcome based on everything that has gone before:

the R E M N A N T S of B E Y O N D .

NOTE. If you have been kind enough to comment, then your comments remain. I would be happy for you to delete them, but even if you do there will remain a note stating you have done so. I would also be very happy if you decide to leave them as part of this outcome. The choice is entirely yours.

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