I haven’t written here for so long – so much happening since my last post in art and life – but thought now is a good time to restart as I’m in Jamestown New York for two weeks taking part in the Colonize exhibition .

I’m here with fellow a-n blogger Wendy Williams, who is a much more conscientious and regular blogger and has posted already on the first few days of our visit (we arrived late on Friday night).

I’m so excited to be here taking part in the show, running workshops and connecting to artists here in Jamestown. We are being posted by the fabulous Debra Eck, a UK/US artist who is based here in the town . As well as organising the show and related events and workshops, Debra is having 7 of us from the UK staying at the house over the period of the show. Deb is highly active in the art community here, and has already introduced us to so many interesting people. She’ll be coming over to the UK later the year as we reciprocate the exchange, so I’m already thinking who I can connect her with.

Already we’ve run a workshop -SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) event on Saturday, took part in the Women Create closing event artist dinner – see Wendy’s most recent blogpost for more info www.a-n.co.uk/p/1534479 and today we’re off to the Dykeman young Gallery this morning to start organising the show which opens on Friday. This week is looking like an exciting whirl of installing, meetings and connections.

More soon!