I’ve been offered a month long residency at Arena Studios in Liverpool with an exhibition at the begining of December. This blog will follow my progress as I venture in my first experience of a residency.


Went over to Arena earlier to pack up the last of my work. The space looks really bare now, but I’m sure it will soon be filled as two new artists are moving in. As I put my art in the boot of our car some of my work blew away in the winds. Not sure even what it was as it was dark but it hit me in the face!

Feeling sad to be leaving, but I’m going to be an associate member so they can’t get rid of me that easily, haha. Really though it’ll be good to keep the connection to Arena until I can just afford a studio there.


Missed the Christmas party, gutted, but my head was hurting too much. Almost better today, just fuzzy and a good job because I had to go to work.

I’m not going to start the palm oil project now, I realised I really need to get other work started/finished so I’ll just have to work on lots of bits of projects until they are complete. There are some things I can’t do at the studio though like sand my sticks and stones. These really need working on because they are in a book exhibition next year and I’ve hardly started them yet, so I have to prioritise even if I don’t want to. There is so much to be done with that project still before I even get to sanding them so it’ll be handy if I can cut and glue them in the studio. I’m going to make the stones the same way I made the Paper Eggs but I don’t know how the sticks are going to be made yet, I think it’s going to take some trial and error. I don’t know whether to layer them up in the same way or to roll the paper. It would be esaier to roll the paper but I think when it comes to sanding them the patterns will only really show at the ends (like Blackpool rock) and I don’t know how I’m going to sand those ones either as sticks aren’t smooth.


Just starting to recover from a two day migraine so am not at my best. I took down ‘Inner Beauty’ on Tuesday afternoon. Pam asked if one wall of it could be taken down but as I took it down I decided that it had to be viewed all together as it didn’t look complete anymore. It’s probably best anyway because I can pack it all away together until after Christmas, not yet though because some pieces need repairing first, well not really repairing just extra pieces adding to the backs where the white tack has taken away some of the paper.

My husband came over to help me so while I had a lift home I packed away everything heavy from the studio space too. So tomorrow I can take a little more work home with me and the rest can come home with me bit by bit. I’m thinking of working on a project I’ve been meaning to start for months now about palm oil. While I’ve got a studio space I may as well put it to good use, so next week I will be needing lots of product packaging to take over with me. Don’t really know what I’m going to do yet, just that I want to use the cardboard packaging as a material to make my work from.


Feel a bit lost today. I’ve had a workshop at a primary school today and I’m working the rest of the week, but with me being so busy at Arena I suddenly feel lost at not being there. I was working towards my show, then the artist talk and finally the workshop and now I don’t when I can get time to get over there. I don’t want to waste any time left because it won’t be long til someone else has the space. It’s the Xmas party on Friday so I’ll be going there straight after work, I might clear some of my work away before the party and take it home, that way I can work again and atleast I’ll be making the most of the space while I can.


Had a really lovely day at Arena running my tree book workshop. I think everyone enjoyed it, but nobody more than me!! Had a couple of visitors to my exhibition too and I had a little time to show them my studio space and other work.