I’ve been sorting book pages into size orders today, keeping to one side the ones for the workshop on Saturday. I’ve been saving envelopes and cereal boxes but need more and I wish I’d saved last years Christmas cards and wrapping paper!

I’ve made some little Christmas decorations which fold into a book, I think they’ll be a good alternative project for kids, I have already made an easier tree book but I think they’ll prefer these.


Invigilating at Arena today, three visitors so far! Pam has just said I can stay in my studio space until the next artist moves in, yay, a few more weeks of working there will be great.

I’ve been using my time here today making templates for my tree books and alternative easier project templates for kids ready for next Saturday when I do my workshop here.


It wasn’t as busy as I had hoped tonight, but there was a steady stream of people or rather a steady trickle of people. The Arena Artists were fantastic, they where there from begining to end, organised everything and served food and drink.

Although a little disapointed on the numbers, everything ran smoothly and it was great to catch up with some friends. Great feedback in the visitors book and verbally too!

I’m invigilating tomorrow so I need to get to sleep but here’s a few photos I took just before the P.V.


I took lots of my work over to Arena to display in my studio space to be seen alongside ‘Inner Beauty’ at the P.V. It’s all stuff you’ve seen before, but I think it’s quite interesting to see it all together and I think I’ll leave it there for my artists talk. This additional work will be for sale, although I forgot to price anything, so I’ll have to pop in a little earlier than planned tomorrow to put a price list up.

None of the work has fallen down in the gallery and I resisted changing a thing!

Don’t forget the P.V. is tomorrow night 6-9

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I took the last pieces over today to add to the installation. Three had fallen down! I hope that doesn’t happen on the night.

I changed quite a lot but it didn’t take long. I altered the position of the ones that were overlapping and I think it makes a huge difference. I added the pale ones to the end panel and took a few from other areas to make them blend better. I focused on pieces forming lines together and altered them, obvious colour differences, and areas that weren’t defined enough or were too defined. I’m much happier now, although there’s a lot of room for improvement if I had a little more time to make more. All the small pieces have made a huge difference.

Pam asked me if I’d like to show examples of my other work in my studio space for the p.v. so I’m going to rush around this evening sorting stuff out and I’ll get my husband to take me over tomorrow evening and arrange it all. Gave the space a little sweep before I left today, just need to clean the shelves before I put anything in there now.

I’m thinking of showing my ‘Forest: Lungs of the World’, ‘Illegal Logging’ and ‘Pores for Thought’ as the main pieces as these lead well into book altering/making and then I could advertise the tree book workshop. I might have photos on the wall of past work too but I’m not sure yet, depends how much I can get done tonight. Pam also asked me if I could write a bio for people to read at the P.V, I’ve just finished that and I’ve also done a small write up on book art to go in my studio space. It sounds like I’m really organised, but I’m not at all!

Anyway I’m pleased with the work I’m showing, probably happier with it than anything I’ve shown before. Fingers crossed the P.V goes well and people come along to it! It might just be the Arena Artists, me and my husband!