I’ve completed over 80 more now, but lots are very, very little. I can’t get the skin tones I wanted for the panel that isn’t completed so I think everything might need moving along a bit. Or I could take some from a section that is simular, use them and then move everything along just from there a little. Or I could just blend the last ones on the panel to some of these which are very pale. I don’t know what I’m going to do really. I’m not going to worry about it right now I’m just going to keep making, I’ve only got tonight left, eek.

Actually I am starting to worry now I’ve read that back,it could be a major job to change it, I hope it isn’t.


I am exhausted! It sounds stupid but my eyes are really strained from trying to focus!! As I move the pieces around to cut them my eyes follow the shape so are constantly moving and the different shades against each other make it difficult too. Not many more days to work so intensely now and I know that if I slack off I’ll only regret it.

Carol emailed the images of the mould spores at Wolstenholme from last year and I was surprised that it’s not as beautiful as I remember. She’s right they do overlap a lot but I don’t think I can have mine doing that still. I feel I’m off in a different direction if I keep them like that and the installation isn’t as I had planned. I also think I’d feel compelled to do it to all of them if I do it to some. That would probably make a very beautiful installation though, haha. I’ll try and stay open to the idea of overlapping for now and see how I feel when I go back to the gallery. I only took photographs of whole walls when I installed the work, thinking that I’d need to see where gaps had to be filled or pieces needed moving, but it didn’t occur to me to take some close ups and the photos aren’t high enough resolution to zoom in far enough to see the overlapped ones well, so they might look different to what I remember.


I’ve been looking at the photographs I took yesterday and I’ve had a little time to reflect now. There are some changes to be made and a lot more pieces to make this week but over all I think I’ve achieved what I set out too achieve. I’ve been thinking about the overlapped pieces and they’ve been niggling me. They look beautiful like that but I don’t think I can bear them to be like that. They need to be individual and when they overlap they lose this altogether. I know they are going to be seen as a whole but I want them to be able to be examined separately too. I can’t explain why I’ve done it either except that it adds something to their aesthetic value and that shouldn’t be important to the installation. There aren’t alot like this though so I’ll change it when I go over.

I’ve been making them all day! My hand really hurts from cutting, so I’m taking a little break to write this posting and then it’ll be back to it. I’ve just counted 50 completed pieces to stick up, but it won’t make much of a difference.

Last November when I started planning this project for a joint exhibition I was helping to put up an installation at Wolsenholme Creative Space and saw mould growing on the walls. At that time I didn’t know what I was going to be producing but ideas where starting to brew and I just knew somehow this was going to be mimicked in the installation of my work. You could almost feel it growing and spreading infront of your eyes and it looked like a piece of artwork. I wish I’d taken a photograph to show you. It was ugly and yet very beautiful at the same time and I really wanted to spend time looking closer at it but I struggle to breath around mould as I have an allergy to it.

I didn’t want it to look like the mould itself but to mimic the growth. This has been achieved but not to the extent I would have liked. It does look like it spreading and I’ve tried to use some corners for the pieces to gather tightly in and spread out from. I didn’t have much chose in the pieces I put up due to the numbers I have made and I would have liked them closer together in some places so they looked more compact, this also would have made the ones that spread out look further apart. But i will continue with this project when it’s taken down from Arena so hopefully one day I’ll feel that it’s completed! Of course if I show it in a bigger space I’ll need more again, haha.


Well everything I’ve completed is up! Not sure how I feel about it yet. I thought there’d be more space filled and I don’t know if it feels organic enough either. But there’s plenty of time to adjust it, just not plenty of time to make more. I kept finding myself making patterns, lines or some sort of order to them.

I’m very happy with the first wall, well I am at the moment. But I’m not happy with the rest really and the last wall isn’t good at all because I didn’t have enough pieces. I’ll have to see how many I can make this week to fill that space.

Carol helped me to sort the pieces into piles of different shades to begin with and then we placed them on the floor in a sort of order so the shades would blend into one another. I like the spaces inbetween the work almost as much as the work but only some spaces are effective at the moment. And I think you have to be there really to see any impact they have, the photos are really rubbish, you just can’t get the feel of the work.

Not sure there is a lot to see either, I know there’s a lot on the walls, but I’m worried about it being viewed as all the same. I like them because everyone is different but I’m worried people might walk into the space and think ‘oh is that it?’ and not take a closer look.

I like that they become something together that can be viewed as a whole but I hope people look at them individually too!

I’m so grateful to Carol, it would have taken me the rest of the weekend to get it all installed and I would have dithered more if I didn’t need to get stuck in because I was wasting someone elses day. I’m going to spend tomorrow and the rest of this evening making more.


It was auction night at Elevator Cafe last night. I had one piece up for auctioning, my egg which was 33c so it was a long wait until bidding began on it. It went for £30, a loss, but atleast not a terrible one, as some things went for just £10. Some of the work there was amazing, I wished I had the money to buy lots, I could have picked up all the Christmas presents I need to buy at a fraction of the price I’d get them anywhere else… And original too! Had a great evening though and got to meet more Arena artists.

I’m going over to start work on my installation in a little while. I’m very nervous, I’m really panicking that there isn’t enough. Carol Ramsay is going to be helping me, so at least I’ve got another pair of eyes to see if everything flows together well.