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This weekend saw me battling through the crowds of pink Stetson and silver cowboy booted fans of Taylor Swift , to deliver my work to Liverpool’s Liver Building for The Liverpool Art fair, opening later this month.
It’s a first for me as I wouldn’t have done something so ‘commercial’ in the past.
With having had a couple of rejections in the last 6 months, it was good to be accepted for such a large event.

It’s a week on from the open studios and I still have boxes from it dumped in the spare room, yet to be sorted. I can’t deal with it now.
It was a huge amount of work and I’ve yet to formulate any feelings about the success ( or not) of it all.
Maybe that takes time.

In the meantime, my work headed off to Sluice in Colchester via Leeds based Basement Arts Project

It was too far for me to go and as I had to deliver the work to the other venue this weekend anyway, I had to watch what was happening from afar.
Images of my work have been picked up several times and posted on instagram, so that was good to see. Haven’t heard how it’s going otherwise.
Apart from posting the work off to Leeds, It hasn’t cost me anything , which is another positive – after the small fortune I had to pay out for the open studio event !
It was really a return favour for taking the artists from Basement’s work to Athens last October.

It really is important to connect and collaborate with other artists.

The rest of my week has been taken up preparing for my next workshop of ‘Make a bee to remember’. I wish they hadn’t advertised it that way. It makes it look like we’ll be creating something wonderful and that puts me under huge amount of pressure.
I had several attempts to make something, abandoning my initial idea as that seemed to be too complicated . Anyone else out there who runs workshops will understand the amount of prep work that has to go into these things.

I’d been on a charity shop run to find beads to recycle and reuse so I think I’ve got a plan.

I hope this works, despite it looking simple, it’s been so stressful thinking up an idea.

Wish me luck !