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As part of my investigations into the manufacturing environment, I have called upon my good friend and now collaborator Manoli Moriaty to help carry out some sound recordings. The initial intention was to produce sound documentation of the factory floor which doubled up as base material to be developed into sound works. Manoli also suggested other forms of technical wizardry which involved strapping a modified Wii remote onto a willing Rhys, in order to monitor his arm movements along with the vibrations of tools and steel during grinding and polishing processes.

After Manoli’s first visit to he factory, we settled on the idea of our first (undoubtedly of many!) collaboration being the production of an audio ‘walk-around’ of the factory. Keeping our first collaboration modest and achievable in the remaining timeline of Return to Ritherdon, this work will function as a documentary style track, giving a kind of remote sound experience of the factory when played in external venues. It also gives us the opportunity to spend time weedling out and celebrating all the glorious and somewhat more gentle sounds that contribute to the regular factory soundscape.  More on this to come!

Take a look at Manoli’s website for further information about his projects, research and teaching to date:


Pew Pew! Manoli shooting the shotgun mic at the Trumpf