For some months I have been working on a project idea called Revolution and Resonance, which is the result of my seed research at Ashburnham Place, I am glad I was slow at getting this off the ground because this is something that needs a more sophisticated level of approach and planning than I have had to do previously. I say slow but just working alongside running the family, supporting others and then needing to liaise with organisations and learn how they communicate takes time. I still have a very strong urge to rush at things hoping all will be well so this is a new found slow burn building of relationships, work and purpose.

This time is good because it allows other developments and opportunities to influence progress. Such as going to the workshops Emila Telese’s Dodge the Shredder and Lucy Day’s Navigating the Art world. Together with a recent one to one with Matt Roberts advises artists on career development I am now in a healthy position to strike out and put the project together.

It will take another 6-9 months to get it finessed and funded but this time will be one of learning a new process, learning a new professional attitude in communicating my project and so much more. It feels exciting and solid to have a strategy and one that is built on reliable advice, opportunity and existing work.

Another major factor has been my need for a total hip replacement. This physical iron grip of arthritis has created an imbalance in my life affecting it for years and as I now am working in a more expansive way the operation has come at a crucial time to release me back into being able to move freely again. I have now had the operation and am recovering well. The 6 week convalescence gives me the opportunity to complete stationary computer based tasks – normally ones I run a mile from – I have built a website which has really helped clarify what I am about and next I will be working up Revolution and Resonance in my first attempt at applying for ACE funding.

This time next year I hope to be creating large site specific structures for Ashburnham with the forward plan of applying for further grants to fund an exhibition. Starting the process that Emilia Telese outlined in her workshop getting a project going, running it and applying for the following one simultaneously. The advice Matt gave me was to also look to some kind of commercial relationship perhaps via limited editions of drawings or maquets for temporary site specific works which is what is beginning to be the mainstay of my practice. Any income could then matchfund further applications and support my practice development. This ties in snugly with feedback from Bluemonkey unfinished business that I should be valuing my entire process of making evenly from start to potential finish, or at least stopping point. I know I have been repeatedly saying that this last year has been about process and play and remaining in the unknown but I think the penny may now at last be dropping into the slot and the monkey is about to dance!

restricted practice:

until then I am observing, writing notes, taking photos of my experience of the hip operation and my recovery….this is embracing a working title I have wanted to use for something and now I know what it is….mostly on instagram so far!contact/thzi4

I’m not sure how the rest of it will unfold yet…