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4 February 2015


I remember the readings on Silence I held which came out of the study of Grey.

I look out the books, my markers still there, and re-read the passages.

I am struck by the importance of quietness, breaks from the constant clutter of noise in our busy lives, the many writers on all aspects, the benefits, the influence of silence.  John Berger, Jeanette Winterson, George Prochnik, Sara Maitland,

‘My experience of silence was like being awake inside a dream I could direct.’ and   ‘there are increasing hints from the world of neuroscience that support the notion of silence as a fertile pause.’ quotes Prochnik.

One book by John Lane has a pile of stones on the cover.

Several authors mention stones or rocks.  The interlinking of interests.

The power of three – Stones/rocks, Silence, Soil collection

Today I bring less, sit quietly for a time, focus on three activities: reading, soil collection, tracing the outline of the church.  I sketch the Eagle.