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I looked up stars on floors of Churches.  Lots of them.  Star symbolism.  All sorts.  Excitement.

I brought my pair of compasses and the large protractor and drew on blackboards this morning.

The satisfaction of geometry.  Never felt this at school.  What happens if I join alternate points, halve the radius, double the radius.  Shapes, patterns.  I can build complex patterns.  Tools of creation.  The shapes are containers, they can hold our unknowingness.  Measurement is certain (or is it?), a place to pin down doubt, to draw down the void.

The history of geometry, Pythagoras, tessellations, tiled patterns and mosaics in temples, churches, civic buildings, the houses of the rich.  Colours of the earth from rock and plants.  Earth and heaven, stars and the universe, all that we know and all that we don’t know.  We can bound the space, capture time, lay down our mark.  A whole new world for me to explore. This has come at the end of the Residency – a new beginning.  Astronomy, roots of Freemasonry – the tools, compasses and protractor of the stone mason.

A star within a star.  Symbols used by religions, by institutions, Guilds;  badges of belonging, visual markers – power, authority, shame.

What happens when the measurement is slightly out?  woozy feeling, losing balance, something’s up, out, off, off-putting, out of kilter, not right, not fair, incorrect, wrong.

This is the end of my last day in the Church.

The Open Afternoon takes place a week on Saturday, 11 April 2.30-4.30pm. I have 25 people signed up for the 2 Readings on Silence.