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I used the paint colour-matched with ‘Oro Antico’ (paint thrown out after a relationship break-up) mixed at Seagulls Recycled Paint to ‘repair’ some torn pictures from discarded/recycled materials (Ikea advert and Suez recycling leaflet).

I was originally thinking to carefully paint the torn edge akin to the kintsugi ‘gold repair’ technique but I decided to highlight the absence instead and omit the other bit of the image altogether.

I was also curious about this Oro Antico paint and did a quick google. From the paint website Colour Courage:

Origin of the colour

Oro Antico 

The Region around the Italian lakes offers many magnificent colours. But to find an impressive tone it takes a bit of luck and the perfect moment. Like standing on an observation platform at the Lake of Lugano. There was an elaborately produced old display board. It showed the surrounding mountain peaks and their heights. The information was engraved in a big, round brass plate. With strong backlight, the patinized brass looked just like dark, old gold. It is ORO ANTICO.”

This display aspect is interesting. In my Masters by Research thesis I identify three key areas of concern: Collection, Display and Exchange and it’s notable that these continue to be prevalent in this residency. The Exchange of ‘Rubbish Conversations’ has been a main focus throughout this residency with the Collection of photographs and stories being my main activities. The Display is the exhibition and performance with regular blogging and social media postings contributing also. This residency can be broken down into these constituent parts but have been taking place simultaneously whereas perhaps in previous work including my Master research project, there was more of a linear trajectory with inevitable overlap. These constituent elements seem to more concurrent now. I hope once the end-of-residency work has been produced (film, prints, publication, performance) that these will go on to initiate further exchange with ‘Rubbish Conversations’ too.