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It’s my exhibition opening at Brighouse Library on Saturday! I’ve been working flat out all weekend and juggling exhibition prep with prep for another event I’m doing on Thursday: Interchange.

I got my publication off to print on Friday, postcards off to print, and am making progress on my film.

The film will be entitled Recyclables and is a collection of photographs selected from the hundreds I took of the objects I discovered at the Recycling Centre. I’ve annotated these objects with their stories. So far I’m halfway through editing the images and frames although I’ve yet to decide what order they should be shown in. I’m wanting to play with associative imagery as this is something that I focussed on during my residency.

Anyway, I should definitely be getting that finished instead of writing about getting that finished!

I will need to collect my publication from Salford at some point this week and my prints from the printers in Sowerby Bridge. I also need to write and print some exhibition text to go alongside my film and prints and decide how much to charge for the publications and postcards. At the moment I’m thinking £4 and £1.

I’ve also just issued a press release about my upcoming show and performance (below). For some reason I nearly credited a discarded image I used as Matisse instead of Cezanne for some reason. I thought it seemed odd I’d written that. I’m glad I realised in time on a final proofread as that would’ve been a bit embarrassing!

PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

Alice Bradshaw – Artist in Residence for Brighouse Arts Festival at Brighouse Household Waste Recycling Centre

End of Residency exhibition opens Saturday 6th October at Brighouse Library

Public Performance: Thursday 11th October, 1pm at Brighouse Household Waste Recycling Centre

Alice Bradshaw is Brighouse Arts Festival 2018’s artist in residence based at the Brighouse Household Waste Recycling Centre.

During September, Alice was based at the local recycling facility ‘talking rubbish’ with staff and members of the public. Alice has been inspired by these conversations and the objects discovered in the skips and in the on site charity shop and has made a new series of work including a new film and publication, both entitled Recyclables, and a set of prints and postcards that will be on display at Brighouse Library through October. She will also be performing a guided tour of the facility on Thursday 11th October at 1pm which is free and bookable via the Brighouse Arts Festival website.

Alice comments on her interest in rubbish; “My interest in rubbish and its changeable value as both social object and art material is a long standing obsession. Rubbish is a temporary object-state before an item is reused, recycled or decomposed. The object history and the processes involved in deciding that something is rubbish and throwing it away are particularly of interest. The conversations we have about rubbish are something I place great value on.”

Matthew Harrison-Lord, director of Brighouse Arts Festival said, “It’s great to have Alice work for the past month at our town’s recycling centre. What a great place for people to find an artist working. Manipulating our preconceived notions of rubbish and art and changing our view of everyday household items as well as contemporary visual art. We are proud that this year’s festival has had such a public artist residency in the community.”

Alice is founding director of the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish and completed her Masters by Research with merit on the value of rubbish in art practice at the University of Huddersfield in 2015. Her art practice is multidisciplinary, spanning sculpture, installation, video, drawing, sound, performance, writing, publishing and curating.

Arts for Brighouse and Suez have arranged and facilitated Alice’s residency at the Brighouse Household Waste Recycling Centre. 509 Arts have supported the production of Alice’s new publication and exhibition at Brighouse Library.


Brighouse Arts Festival http://brighouseartsfestival.co.uk/

Alice Bradshaw http://www.alicebradshaw.co.uk/

Museum of Contemporary Rubbish http://museumofcontemporaryrubbish.blogspot.com/

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