Toby and I went to South Square today for a bit of R&D and the family arts festival.

I was looking for visual remains/leftovers from previous exhibitions/activity in the space as a starting point for my drawings.

Downstairs some wool and leaves from a workshop earlier were on the floor as a temporary history of activity (woollen bunting being reworked by a local community groups, and leaves blowing through the door with the coming and going of people).

Upstairs a couple of chairs documented previous painting of and in the space with splatters and finger prints. The power sockets also had layers of paint built up like icing documenting the layers and layers of fresh white paint applied for new exhibitions that made me think of Mint Residue.


I very pleased to be involved in an upcoming micro residency / group show Residual Projects at South Square in Bradford this December/January.

There are 7 artists doing 6 week-long residencies looking at the residual layers of creative spaces and artistic practices.

I plan to make some drawings of residual objects (rubbish) found on site that are informed and developed through conversations with gallery visitors during my residency period (w/c 15th December).

Exciting stuff and a great project to dovetail my MA due completion end of November :)





Residual Projects | Group show | 05 December 2014 – 25 January 2015

Opening night – 05 December 7pm
Christmas Closure – 29 December 2014 – 05 January 2015
Closing celebration – 23 January 7pm

Seven artists – six residencies – one group show
Residual Projects is the culmination of an annual traineeship programme between South Square Gallery and The Hepworth Wakefield, which sees Curator Charlie Booth make her debut. Charlie explains,

‘Residual Projects is a critical look at traditional artists residencies, where work will be created and installed whilst the gallery is open. The result will be a group exhibition which grows week by week as different artists enter and leave the space. This is an interactive project, where visitors are invited to engage with the work being created so as to better understand the processes used and decisions made.’
Residual Projects is a series of miniature residencies with seven nationwide artists using the gallery to explore their own artistic interests whilst the gallery is open to the public. The work they create during their residency will be left for the next artist to negotiate. The aim is to create a dynamic group exhibition which explores how artists can work collaboratively.
All participating artists will be creating new work which responds directly to the physical architectural or social history of South Square Gallery and the history of Thornton.

Residual Projects is inspired by remnants of previous exhibitions that have taken place in the space. The building was originally a collection of stonemason’s cottages and for the last 30 years has been an art gallery and community centre. Today the gallery retains many of the domestic features left over from these houses as well as residual markers left over from
these houses previous art exhibitions.

Residual Projects also aims to explore different formats for artist residencies. The projects will be short sharp bursts of artistic activity followed by periods of reflection and evaluation.

This is the first of two stages of Residual Projects which will continue in Manchester in Spring 2015.

Participating artists and residency dates (Exact dates are subject to change):
1. Claire Weetman – Fri 5th Dec – Sun 7th Dec
2. Ian Jackson – Tues 9th Dec – Fri 12th Dec
3. Alice Bradshaw – Tues 16th Dec – Fri 19th Dec (dates tbc)
4. Rebecca Long and Cameron Muir Tues 6th Jan – Fri 9th Jan
5. Leah Hislop – Sat 10th Jan – Mon 12th Jan
6. Tom McGinn – Thurs 15th Jan – Sun 18th Jan


I’ve been in Naples with the family for my mum’s 60th birthday and got to see some rubbish things.

We went to Pompeii Scavi (Ruins) and the bins there were strangely decorate yet obsolete.

We also went to the Palazzo Arti Napoli and Salvatore Carannante had a piece called Spare Parts Sound Project; created sound from recycled objects.

It was interesting to see Naples in the aftermath of the Mafia rubbish crisis. The busy city streets were fairly clean with recycling bins, though one of the few city park parks by the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn di Napoli was abandoned like a waste ground seemingly for some underground/metro developments, the bins burned and tipped upside down, everything overgrown and desolate.