HOARD is moving.

This year long project I’m participating in moving from Norquest Industrial Estate in Birstall up the road to Leeds City West Business Park.

For HOARD I have been collecting all the rubbish produced through my art practice from January 2012 and storing it in the huge warehouse space dedicated to this project. Items include exhibition flyers and programmes, packaging, offcuts, wine bottles from various meeting, hospital paraphernalia from major surgery in January that restricted my art practice, rejection letters, misprints, receipts not required for my tax returns, dead pens, studio coffee jars, discarded materials, out of date transport timetables and maps, conference literature and more increasing month on month with every “deposit.”

About HOARD: Towards an archaeology of the artist’s mind. A year-long project in a vast empty warehouse located between Leeds and Wakefield. Artists will each be allocated a segment of the space in which to display a hoard of objects and artifacts relating to their practice: finished artworks, props, curiosities, documents, traces, plans, remnants. The contents of the space will be a physical realization of the minds of the artists as they evolve over the course of a year. Every two months, for an evening, the space will be opened up to the public who will be able to view its ever-changing contents as a snippet of this ongoing process of transformation, which will be recorded in the form of an online publication.

Artists: Alice Bradshaw, Harriet Carr, Lucy Crouch, Gillian Dyson, Sarah Francis, Gill Greenhough, Christopher Mollon, Ima Abasi Okon, Puy Soden, Chris Wright, Adam Young.



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I’ve published a Research page on the MoCR blog including a reading list and further links:

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These are by no means definitive lists and further suggestions welcome.