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Notes from my Residual Projects Residency at South Square last December:

Day 1 of the residency involved drawing the previous artists’ leftovers with day 2 making hybrid works on paper from these.

I also made ‘conversational leftovers’. Two gallery visitors and I discussed remains: We talked about excess packaging of consumer items and environmental issues of burial/cremation of human remains. One visitor made her mum’s coffin with family and we all liked the idea of cardboard coffins. I made a cardboard coffin for the pencil sharpenings from my earlier drawings.

Day 3 I made a series of pencil drawings with aid of leftover tape measures from Claire Weetman’s residency and recorded the sound of sharpening pencils in a cardboard sound booth.

Day 4 I put the drawings and sound together into a short video Sharpening a Pencil at South Square (2014) https://vimeo.com/115440624