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For our first Session, we had a lot of paperwork to get done and wanted to have a chilled out session, where new people could explore the farm surroundings and start to get to know each other.

One of the problems with being so rural is transport, luckily we are able to provide this, especially as some of our participants can be in a financially challenging situation.  This has helped break down one of the barriers to accessing the service we provide.

The day was planned to gently run from exploring the areas around the farm into creating a piece of artwork.  So after lunch, we when we started making prints from the flora we had collected, the creativity started to shine through, lots of photos being taken and some tentative explorations.

It all stayed very safe, with no one wanting to go off task and make their own artwork, but I’m hoping this will develop over the next few sessions.  I would be happy if a few participants would just take it their own way and ignore what I’m doing, that’s when the real magic will start to happen.  I’ll be encouraging experimentation as much as possible.

Next session is out and about exploring some of the rural locations in the area and I’m looking forward to working on some land art activities.