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1st Firm date! (back-dated post from 24th March) Francesca Gavin

Post two

I am very excited as I have my first Re:view session date confirmed with a mentor: Francesca Gavin – writer, curator and editor. She is Visual Arts Editor at Dazed & Confused, a Contributing Editor at AnOther and Sleek magazines and Art Editor of Twin magazine. Her blog is www.roughversion.blogspot.com and her most recent publication is ‘100 New Artists’.

We are meeting at the studio towards the end of May.

Photo shoot of new works with Joe Clark (2nd April)

My friend Joe Clark www.joeclark.eu , fellow Slade Alumni, is my regular photographer. He’s also opposite our studio in the same complex: very handy.

I have produced roughly 8 paintings and a table piece since the autumn and it is now time to document. I am pleased I have managed to get to this stage as I started a third job – at Norwich University of the Arts in Oct, so this shows how much I can achieve, even during this busy period. Within the works there is a diptych, a circular painting and some gesso sculptural experiments.