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My ambition for Scents of our Time in 2018 was simply to get it exhibited somewhere. A reasonable enough goal for a project in its infancy, and I’m happy to announce that it will be showing in 2 places in Sheffield between July and August, thus achieving my goal. I’m hoping that exhibiting will afford me the opportunity to step back, bear witness to the workings of the project and understand how it sits in an exhibition space. It will also be useful to gauge an audience’s perceptions and reactions.

That’s not all though, as the first incarnation of Scents of our Time will actually take the guise of a residency at Access Space in July. The residency will see me creating candles in situ in direct response to the political news items of any given day. These candles will then be exhibited in the same space.

This residency presents a chance to describe all aspects of the project to an audience, which I often find useful for crystallising my actions and though processes. Indeed, I believe there is a lot more to the project that originally meets the eye. From my unique and established methods of responding to news items to designing relevant visual embellishments, it’s a project that will reveal its intricacies to you the more time you spend with it.

Hopefully, anyway…

‘One Minute Silence’ (Candle, 2017) in response to the London Bridge terror attack.