Welcome to our blog; a space where we will share, document and keep track of our projects. Enjoy!


School of Inattention workshops:

Have included

  • meeting on a hilltop high above the city of San Francisco exploring concepts of distance and the marking of time with clay and paper.
  • working with found movements and thinking through the body inspired by Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A on the roof of Colvin’s apartment building.
  • playing with lost and found language, exploring words in space in the iconic  San Francisco City Lights Bookshop Poetry Room.
  • congregating on China Beach, San Francisco in tune with the ebb and flow of the tide in a part durational/part meditation performance.


School of Inattention interventions:

The first series of workshops were re-cast as a series of  interventions/performances (example below)

From our  hilltop vantage point you might encounter giant clay pieces like standing stones and if you move closer you will notice graphite marks.

You are encouraged to talk to the flowers, a haze of purple, orange and red. The air smells of lilac then lavender then jasmine.

Velvet-cloaked men and women congregate. A blush colored roll of paper marks time with the chiming Cathedral bells, on the hour every half hour.

You are invited to take your shoes off and walk through a bed of blossoms so deep that you sink with every step. Humming birds dart and wild parrots call. The wind carries your thoughts and the mind settles.

You leave with a paper cactus.


School of Inattention editions:

In a gestural homage to Scottish poet and film artist Margaret Tait –and in celebration of her centenary–School of Inattention issued the Margaretrose, an editioned flower (25) imbued with the scent and traces of an Edinburgh past. A single blush pink rose, grown locally was delicately rubbed in soot from an Edinburgh fireplace.


Anne and Juniper xx


We are currently working on ideas for School of Inattention’s work/lab coat which will probably be made available as limited editions. We plan to wear these for all our projects.

School of Inattention is essentially a ‘laboratory” for exploring new and experimental ideas so this is our take on the utilitarian lab coat and we like the cross-over into conceptual fashion for example with Maison Martin Margiela’s iconic workcoats. Also, let’s not forget a playful tongue-in-cheek nod to a school uniform!

We sourced these coats on the internet and like the feel of the denim as opposed to the traditional white material. The orange wool and harris tweed sample are from our favourite fabric store, Edinburgh Fabrics , a cornucopia of millinery delights. They “take pride in stocking Harris Tweed fabrics, helping to grow the cottage industry of the Isle Of Harris.”

We will keep you posted as things develop.

Until next time,

Anne and Juniper xx