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out of the window i see natures marks place upon a foggy canvas.  the recent extreme weather affording time to eat, relax, tidy piles of paper and spend time with the family.  my fingers tingling with excitement as i compose my thoughts ahead of this post.

i pause and listen to a bit of depeche mode, i watch the cursor flashing – slightly slower than the beat of the music.

on my mind is the close of drawn from the land, the beginning of the derby museums young co-producers network and my evolving view of my own youth.

my own youth currentlu in my thinking due to re-watching the bbc programme synth britannia.  i’ve watched it before many times and finding it late last night spent time revisiting it.  i’m glad i did as it was much more of a pleasure to watch than before.

i’ve been reflecting why this might be.  one thing i’m sure of is that i feel happier so its easier to watch the documentary that covers the time of my teens.

in 2007/08 during the second year of my degree i was surprisingly haunted by my teens.  it got so difficult to manage i sort help through student services.  my problems were further exacerbated by the diagnoses of my dyslexia at the end of that academic year.

watching the programme last night i saw again how music had been a large part of my life in my teens.  the advent of the synthesiser creating a sound that i got and felt at one with.  music was an easy art form to access.  in ipswich there were many other creative / artistic endeavours happening – i assume there were – and i wanted to be connected with more than i was, there was a niggling something i couldn’t put my finger on.  align that to a family life that was contradictory and viola i found solace in the theatre.

before watching the synth documentary i watched
Tones, Drones and Arpeggios: The Magic of Minimalism

the combination of watching this programme and the experiences of being involved with drawn from the land  places me in a new space – it might be a threshold to something new.

the cross over from emotion led response to intellectual enquiry.

sonic composition vs fine art – maybe ?



as drawn from the land closes, its legacy is beginning –

derby young co-producers network :



the network has met twice and the project begins next weekend.  i’m involved as a link to the museum and if needs arise as a mentor too.  the opportunity presented by the museum is extraordinary and over the coming weeks i look forward to seeing what the network explores and where they take it.


its interesting to note how writing this post has calmed the excitement and leaves me in a place where i need some lunch and to wonder how i take forward the feeling i’ve had this morning.  again it feels like a moment of connecting to why is it that i make things, express things, show things, share things.

agh – its because these are things that make me feel good about myself – even though they rail against deep routed conditioning.  interesting isn’t it how the past presents itself in the future.  i can control this.