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recently my posting here has been around myself and my life – a sign of how i’ve been distracted away from my artistic concerns.  there has been thinking about it going on and experience shows that thinking alone leaves me with nothing to show, nothing to reflect upon, nothing to build upon.




this morning i’m feeling optimistic.


at the beginning of the year i framed this blog round the notion i had made space for me to play.   reflecting upon the next 5 months i might have played – wether i could have played more … the thing is that intellectually i know that play has stages of development attached to it that leads through to critical thinking.

therefore for the play to be beneficial – i’m beginning to ask of myself – am i demonstrating any critical thinking ?

to test this – i can begin a period of play knowing i want to progress to critical thinking.




to try to help with my work progression i’ve been keeping a monthly to do  list, this began at the end of last year – now in june i notice there are entries still on the list from january.  time to review what i have on my list.


work / life balance is important – how many things on my list are potential hobby interests ?


having a connection to nature feels important to me.

acknowledging that i’m interested in technology and it’s use for creation and in consumption.

making from material found in a wood is something i am starting to give myself space to do and am finding the outcomes thought provoking.

simple geometric shapes  – fundamental stuff.

its nearly 10 years since i completed and had shown aesthetic of evolution (2008).



i have a love of audible aesthetics.

i love the potential of non linear documentary and film.

i love being around people, discovering and learning about what they are engaged with, why, what and how.