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once more i sit staring at the blank blog post entry and negotiate with myself how to begin.  i do this ignoring my overall mood – one of tired hot slightly low yet upbeat at the same time.  i have pictures from last week – i have a beginning point.



last week i went into the silk mill in derby to film, document, run around in swirly patterns with recording equipment attached to my head.   the newly opened up spaces now show the building in some glory not seen for many years.

on the way home the bus broke down.

there’s word that soon i’ll hear more details of the commission for tranche 3 & 4 of the non linear project about the silk mill’s story to becoming the museum of making.

on the same day i was in the silk mill a question arrived on facebook:

“Hi Andrew, are you still into filming??” the question came from friend and ma student sara brighty.

we arranged to meet and i agreed to help with her development of part of her final ma piece.  the request was to recreate something made with mobile phone and instagram to a higher standard.


we’ve met twice this week – filming and post production.  i’ve really enjoyed my time working with sara and i wish her every success with her final installation / performance.


i sometimes wonder about the work i do and the things i make – in terms of standard and level.  this week i’ve helped an ma student develop and improve an idea to a higher standard.  thank you sara for inviting me to help you :)



now into the big schools holiday i’ve begun a series of public programme sessions at the museum and art gallery in derby.  on wednesday we were playing with collage and throughly enjoyed myself.



with the informal learning environment i continuously ask myself how can i make this enjoyable and fun so the learning is part of something else.  there are many sessions to explore this.