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there’s a little over a week to get my australia symposium plan in the post.  so what do i do – write – write lots, lots and lots.

drink coffee

make notes




all the writing leaves me stuck.



yesterday i did a good thing to help with my planning, i decided to take today off.  for months i’ve staired at our cabin –  it’s roof failing.  today i’ve fixed it.

as i went to bed last night i started throwing around the notion of what would i do if i had the opportunity to address a festival audience about a non linear production …..   ?

what would i do ?

how would i interact with the audience ?




am i an academic or a practitioner ?






so here’s the rub.  something has shifted of late that is resulting in me being a little bit more confident in me and myself.  it’s the subject of other posts and ideas so for now i’ll leave it in as a little distraction from the main event of the preparing to submit a session plan for a symposium at a film festival for productions made on phones, tablets and pocket cameras.

i have to say it to myself as its still sinking in.  its sinking in that i have a chance to play and be experimental in my approach to the question of how might we engage a festival audience with a non linear production ?


this question is born out of the reason for me being invited to take part in the symposium – the organisers struggle to screen non linear productions on screening day.





in my pre-planning for melbourne i’m giving more space to me and my needs.  i need to embrace my dsylexia and how it both limits and extends me.   to leave aside the frustrations.  to stand in a space that i can say this is me, this is what i do, this is how i think, and actually it all begins with how i  feel.

i’ve stayed loose about  what my pre-planning is as i have something in mind and  i’m waiting to see how my inner critic reacts to it…