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i can remember sitting in a well dressing meeting some years ago while the search for a new chair person took place.  the wise one at the table suggested  “if you want something doing, ask a busy person.”

during the last three weeks i’ve understood the words from the wise one – being in flow of work its easy to say yes and fit the things that need doing within the already busy schedule.

before i share with you some images from my week i need to reflect about how within this flow state i am becoming mindful of my own practice and a need to maintain it.

as well as the upcoming symposium in australia i’m also taking part in the skin and bone gig in belper.  not much time at the moment to spend on them however they keep me connected to my practice.  i start to look forward to picking up my practice threads again when my schedule adopts a weekly pattern.  i’m so looking forward to starting the next tranche of the silk mill non linear project.

i’m aiming to hold onto the confidence i’m finding through being so busy within my practice too.  i’ll return to this thought in the weeks to come.

feeling pleased about parking my reflections and hopes i can glance back over this week and share some of my favourite images from the week.


the skin and bone rehearsal.  i’m enjoying working with walt, geogre and greg as they produce improvised compositions that draw me in and at times near place me in a trance like state.  my work here is to improvise visual compositions and i’m well on the way to have enough material for the first time i gig with them later this month.  set list agreed … tick.


revealing joseph wright’s mourning ring.  in our second pre-project planning meeting curator of the joe wright collection at derby museums  – lucy bamford – shared with us a ring the painter would have worn.  this is the first time i’ve mentioned this project at derby museums funded by the royal academy to work with young people to re-interpret the joseph wright of derby gallery within the museum.  we all got to hold his ring.  the energy and atmosphere in the room was quite something.  hold ring worn by joseph wright of derby … tick.


views of manchester.  in china town we headed to the most popular restaurant and spent some quality time eating, drinking and sharing stories –  steve and i sharing time with graham of 24 design.  the makory had returned as 24 design’s work needed to complete, part of the knock on of earlier events out of our control.


steve and the bandsaw.  steve is the workshop manager at the museum of making and i’ve worked as his eager assistant as the machines and vices came out the boxes and made their way onto the makory.  the transition of the vehicle getting very close to 100% finished.


case for collection object.  we almost left without the cases for the collection objects !  they quickly bolted into place.

on our journey home we encountered a closed road.  three point turn in the makory … tick.  adapting travel plans to include ‘b’ road to get past closed ‘a’ road … tick.


inside the makory.  the makory went to a community event at the weekend – the first time for activities in the mobile museum.  we quickly got to work with the modular interpretation boards and work stations to adjust light and height levels respectively.  clay hippos and badges made … tick.


makory at first school location.  we’ve also taken the makory to its first school location this week as we begin an after school project there.

parrallel parking the makory … tick.


when i sit and look at the pictures here i can’t quite believe the week i’ve had. it’s been great !

in the coming weeks the two projects i’ve mentioned will get into a good rhythm and the extra work on the makory decrease – we’re getting so close to having everything finished.

i look forward to feeling the flow state again within my own practice.

blog post written, reflections made … tick