Within this blog I am hoping to share my experience and thoughts on post university life. No longer an art student, the degree show is over. Now where will i go?

Im hoping that this blog with not only be interesting, full of art but also helps me continue my practice and love for art away from the studios and surroundings of Art University.

So please follow me in this journey of artistic discovery and becoming a real life proper adult artist.




50 x 50 =25 international edition exhibition

June 9, 2016


I am very happy to announce that 1-2 months ago I was selected to be apart of 50 x 50 = 25 international edition exchange.

This exchange will consist of artists from the following institutions: University of Brighton UK, Nagoya University Japan and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Thailand.


This is a very exciting opportunity and i’m very excited.

For my edition i chose to complete a digital print on Somerset Enhanced digital paper. I took inspiration from a continuous landscape collage I created in an entire conciliation sketch book for this piece.


I wanted the landscape to appear recognisable but also surreal, to create intrigue around where it could be situated, which I felt would be well suited to the traveling nature of the exhibition. Different elements relating geographically to different people. As i wanted to create a landscape that would have elements of recognition in all 3 countries. This would hopefully form a connection, between the viewers in both Brighton, Thailand and Japan.


Below I have inserted an image of my edition entitled ‘Transitional Geography’.