I’ve heard artists say they don’t want to be ‘over stimulated’ but I wonder if anyone other than me feels ‘over connected?’.  Now, I am into modern technology and the way it can make things easier for everyone so that they can be more efficient and ‘connect’ with everyone better, BUT I think there are plenty of negative sides to all of this as well.  Within all of the really interesting stuff that I see on TV, Facebook, Twitter etc there is also a lot of rubbish that is inflicted on me and I’m starting to feel like it is beyond my control.  This is all probably because I am too weak to ignore the bits I don’t want to see or don’t have time to see, but I don’t think it is as easy as all that.

So I’m going to ditch my Facebook profile in order to enhance my productivity as an artist but also improve as a person.  Even if I was not an artist,  I feel I should be using my time to do things and see people I really love, educate myself and help to try and make the world a better place.  The rubbish is getting in the way of me doing that.  I have a terrible addiction to Facebook.  I am compelled to check my notifications in an almost programmed regimented way and I often scroll through my news feed like a zombie, seeing a few posts which are useful and interesting to me and the rest is just distracting.  It’s not that I don’t want to hear my friends’ news – I just think it might be  better if it was…filtered.  I want to hear the really interesting bits an maybe even hear them in person, by actually speaking to someone.

Facebook feels to me like a dark fuzzy cloud of noise that hovers just behind my head.  I have a problem with the idea that people know I check it every day and they can deliver messages to me far too easily and in a way which is not on my terms. They can ‘connect’ with me without making any real effort to think about me as an individual and what I do or do not want to hear from them.  I am then compelled to ‘reply’ in the same way.

I’ll keep my Josie Jenkins Artist page and people can choose to follow it if they want to.  I’ve taken steps to reduce other distractions by creating Twitter lists to follow rather than reading my full Twitter feed and by only watching recorded TV.  I want to spend more time researching and reading things out of choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook can be great for other people, it’s just not for me anymore.

I’m looking forward to spending more time looking at the Quilling Guild members only blog instead and also my sister’s blog about her Archival Art Adventures 


Maybe I will have time to make some art as well!

I have been busy lately, that’s not Facebook’s fault.  I’ve been exhibiting in Calderstones Park at the Reader Gallery in Liverpool, exhibiting in London with New Lights at the Mall Galleries (note the ironic link to Facebook) and visiting Norfolk for the Quilling Guild’s AGM and Annual Display of work.  I’ve also put myself forward as a director of my studios Arena again and I had to re-do my website after my internal hard drive broke and I lost a load of files.

I should leave you with a picture, it’s a bit mean giving you a post without a picture.  My newest painting Scrap VI, 2014, water soluble oil on board, 76cm x 61cm.  I’ll blog about China next time.  Almost a month to go!