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So I managed to make a stretcher (with a lot of help from Andy) and stretch my big ‘Container Island’ painting for the Cork Art Gallery, with little fuss.  I couldn’t quite believe it went so well. I also had to re-paint the sky because it got damaged on the way back from China, but that went remarkably well also.   I was a bit worried when at first the canvas was really loose and sagging near the corners.  I borrowed my friend’s canvas stretching pliers which I’ve never really been a fan of but I’ve changed my mind about them now.  Also I was very fortunate that the canvas I used in China seems to have been impregnated with seize as, when I wetted the back it tightened like magic.

The exhibition opening went well but I wasn’t able to show my little video as I spent ages and ages getting it onto DVD and then the quality was just not good enough.  It was too late by the time I found out I could buy something to connect a USB port to my TV and then just run it off that.  I’m going to do a talk on 23rd July about my China experience and the work relating to it, so I am going to try and get the video sorted for then.

Anyway, here’s some pics of the show including some of the work in there that I might not have posted on here yet.



So I go to Iceland tomorrow and other than that, my task in the next few weeks is to prep for various workshops and work in my ‘proper job’ to earn as much money as possible for the going back to China fund.  It’s really difficult to decide what work to do and how much of it.  I had this plan to try to separate my time into periods of working for money intensively and then making art intensively, but it’s been difficult because opportunities come up to exhibit or run workshops (I get paid of course but is more stressful and takes up more brain space than my proper job) and I feel I need to take them.  I have a few things booked in between now and November and I’m not taking on any more.  I need to be disciplined and I need to be ok about not making art and knowing that money is time and if I have proper, uninterrupted time I will make better art.

I will have a day or so to make work while I am in Iceland.  Well that’s the plan anyway.  From Thursday to Sunday my only set agenda is to get to Djupivogur, go to the exhibition opening and come back.  I’m bringing drawing materials, ink and watercolour paper.  At least I don’t have to worry about it getting dark if I want to do some drawing in the evening.  On Sunday I meet Andy in Reykjavik and we do the holiday stuff for 3 days.  I hope I get time to write my blog while I am there.   I’m really looking forward to seeing May and Ineke!