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We went back to Prague the day before our flight because we wanted to make sure we were not in a rush getting to the airport and we fancied seeing more of the city.  We also wanted to see Petra again and she had mentioned we could see her studio.  We were quite pleased with ourselves after our first train was delayed and we had to run to make the connection in Pilsen and we were just deciding what food we would order, when ticket lady came round and stamped our tickets and then gasped because we had got on the wrong train. We were not going to Prague, but instead on our way to the German border. The train said Praha on it because that is where is came from, not where it was going to.  Ticket lady stamped our ticket with something else and wrote something in Czech on it which we later found out meant ‘mistake’ and then we had to get off in a little town in the middle of nowhere and wait an hour for another train to Prague.

The cafe at the station was typically closed and when I went to the ticket guy to ask about the next train, he gave a sheepish look, closed his shutter and ran off. I went in search of food while Jayne looked after the bags.  I was very pleased with myself for stumbling upon a pizza place that I thought was closed until I saw some men making pizza through the window and then I was even more pleased with myself for communicating with the pizza man in German, feeling like the A Level that I enjoyed so much yet was so bad at, had finally come in handy.  And while I was waiting for the Pizza , you’ll never guess what, but station ticket man turns up to get his lunch and a huge bottle of coke, so I had his full attention in the pizza shop for all my questions.  I paid for the pizza and 2 cans of coke with the exact change we had left, down to the very penny.

Meanwhile back at the station, Jayne (who talks to everyone) had befriended a Czech lady called Eva who had also been on the wrong train, the same one as us, because she couldn’t get the door open and missed her stop.  She was meant to be in Pilsen where she works as a bio chemist. So we got to nearly go to Germany, have nice pizza lunch with much needed bright green broccoli on it and chat to a very nice interesting Czech lady in a detour that in the end didn’t matter that much.

When we got to Prague I went off to see Petra in her studio because I was very interested to see where she worked and what a studio in Prague might be like. Photos are below.   Also Petra said she was meeting a friend there later to give her a hair cut, so I was hopeful that she might cut my hair as well, because I refuse to pay for haircuts and just find people who sort of known what they are doing to cut it for free. I did get my haircut and had a very nice visit to the studio. Petra shares with two guys who have desk space and she has a room to herself, which is a perfect size with a window. They have a little communal kitchen and seating bit. The whole place has a good feel to it. It is in a nice area and well kept with central heating for the freezing cold winter months. Petra pays about £100 a month, which reflects the comfort of the whole setup.

It was nice to see how she works in her studio, because she makes installations and we never seem to get installation artists in my studios in Liverpool.  Petra has just been offered a residency in Holland at Studio Complex and Hangarrrrrr   where she will create an artwork that will be displayed in their sculpture garden. She is trying to rent out her apartment in Prague for while she is away, but rented it to an escort through an Air b&b type website, only realising after the deal was done! It’s ok, she’s sorted it.



Jayne somehow managed to book us into THE BEST hostel in Prague, Czech Inn, in the hipster transformed Vinohrady area, away from the touristy bits of town. We loved it round there. We went to a fabulous vegan cafe for tea, which did a lot of raw food and all beautifully presented and then met Petra at a great little bar for cocktails at £11 a round.  On Prague I am sold.