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The opening of Millree Hughes’ and I’s show ‘Involuntary México’ with and by the visionary Méxican artist curator, Aldo Flores of Salon Des Aztecas, opened on Saturday. It sees the Metro Hidalgo Station being transformed into one of the biggest public art galleries in the world whilst still being a working metro station. Millree was there and reports that the opening was exciting with the Méxican people and media embracing our concept of ‘Involuntary Art’ .. things that aren’t art but might be mistaken for art as we wander around in the gallery of the street, the mall, the laundromat…


so too the gallery Of the subway, the Metro…


The opening was covered live during prime time television news and had received major press coverage in México but .. nowhere else.

México has always embraced new art and ideas from yes within México but also from outside. It is one of the most welcoming places I know.


Here’s what the notices for our Involuntary Mexico show about Involuntary México which opens tonight:

Involuntary Mexico is part of the activities with which the Collective Transportation System Metro of Mexico City, celebrates its 50 years.

The subway that encompasses 18 thousand square meters between the Línea 2 and its correspondence with Línea 3, will become the largest public gallery of the world, where will be unfolded about one thousand photos by 500 artists of over 50 nations from different cities of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

In the 9 entrances, the intermediate floors, the tunnels, and the boarding lanes of Metro one can see and listen to the works making up Involuntary, a trending artistic movement created by the British Millree Hughes (digital artist) and Paul Conneally (poet interested in the forms of verse of haiku), and applied in Mexico, thanks to the suggestions of the Salón dès Aztecas, led by the Mexican Aldo Flores (artist and curator).

Involuntary is an artistic movement where the concept of art in painting, sculpture, and music, is created in a natural and spontaneous manner through the glance/observation of the creators of the streets, cities, among others, turning the world into fragments of involuntary art as an enormous urban gallery with a fresh approach in a global level.

Presenta: Salón Des Azteca Creado por los británicos Millree Hughes (artista digital), Paul Conneally (poeta) y Aldo Flores (artista y curador).


September 08 2019 to September 30 2020
From Monday to Sunday , 05:00 – 00:00 hrs.
Free admission


Was so happy to get this photograph from the team installing our show ‘Involuntary México’ in Hidalgo Metro Station, México City, CDMX.

The Show opens on Saturday 7th September and has over 900 pieces in it plus video installations featuring our Involuntary Music clips too. They estimate 7.5 million people will see the show!

My gratitude goes out to my collaborator, NYC based British artist Millree Hughes and our uber curator Aldo Flores. Special thanks to Yardley Flores. I also thank the people of México City!


Involuntary México my show in México City with my long time friend and collaborator NYC based artist Millree Hughes opens on Saturday and I can’t be there. I’m gutted. It’s not down to the 12 hour flight but to the altitude of México City which might, at this moment, compromise my heart and oxygen exchange. Ah! Well! The show still goes on and I’m sure that in the capable curation of the magnificent Aldo Flores with production support from Yardley Flores it will go well. Millree will be there so that’s good!

The show is in the Hidalgo Metro Station, CDMX. We have 500 plus involuntary paintings, sculptures and pieces of involuntary music on show. We believe that all railway, bus, metro stations and airports should be public art galleries. Maybe they already are but just don’t know it.


So too the gallery of the underground station, shopping mall, laundromat….