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My work is process-based, and often reflects my interest in primordial structures – I am driven when spontaneous actions form, beauty in chaos, order in chaos.

The work draws on the tools used for capturing such as the telescope and camera as well as the analogue quality of postcards. In an attempt to understand the art, philosophy, psychology and science of capturing.

Light plays an essential part in everything and most importantly for myself in art making. We are taught about light in early art, photography and science class. This developed for me to study light in theatre design, light sculptures and laser lights in music clubs. I found an old note book of a collection of quotes on light from 1998. This is where the title for this piece came from. Unfortunately it is the only quote in the note book I did not reference the author!

Part of this project I led a participatory art work/walk – collective capturing of light. My I turned on my phone I had a pleasant surprise quote pop up from Fotor:

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph” Alfred Stieglitz

This participatory art work was inspired by Stieglitz cloud series!!

Timber Mirror Walk