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After the first week in Malmö, next stop was Stockholm where Talat myself and Roushan Illahi where going to attend and perform at a Kashmiri conference.

Now I know we have issues with UK trains and i was reminded how efficient trains are here in Sweden…well that was about to change. 2 hours into our 5 hour journey the train breaks down, now we left Lund Central Station around 4pm and time of arrival into Stockholm was supposed to be around 9.30pm, we didn’t get into Stockholm until well after 1am.
Following day we set off to the venue about an hours drive from Rinkeby where we where staying. This area a few years ago was host to a race riot with cars set on fire etc etc.

With a couple of hours before the event we all mucked in and set stuff up. Im not a trained sound engineer but what knowledge i had from being a musician came in handy, as since this was a weekend event, the technical team weren’t around to give us assistance nevertheless we eventually got it sorted. At one point i had to ring my mate back in the UK to get advice, but everything worked out in the end and the conference about plight in Kashmir when ahead, with MC Kash and myself closing the event with a perf.